Happy Halloween!

Today is the day!  Not only is it Halloween, but it’s time for some PANICKING.  Why should you panic?  Because spiders and skeletons and ghosts and ghouls will all be coming alive before your very eyes at this year’s Panic on Pendrith!  As previously mentioned, we have a bunch of new scares for this year, Continue reading

New for 2017!

Greetings foolish mortals, While we are super busy working up the scares for this year’s Halloween event, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of what you can look forward to on October 31st.  While this may be a small haunt, we’ve made sure to pack a lot of panic into Panic on Continue reading

Panic On Pendrith 2017

Hey everyone, I know this site has not been updated in what seems like forever, but better late then never, right?  The intention was to do more charity events throughout the year, but unfortunately that once again did not happen. However, that doesn’t mean we have stopped completely.  In fact, our charity Halloween display is Continue reading