Contest Deets

It’s that time!  Benevents is super excited to announce our insanely awesome contest full of insanely awesome prizes!  Did I mention it’s insane?

You will need to read the rules and regs in full (posted WAY below), but the gist is this:

Upload a pic of you and/or your fam jam in Halloween costumes to our Facebook page (in the contest thread – up Oct. 31st) and if your pic gets the most likes (feel free to pester your relatives and friends to come like it!) you win an awesome prize!  If your pic gets the 2nd most amount of likes, you still win a great prize!  And if your pic gets anything less, you still have the satisfaction of knowing you tried.  That’s something, right?

And what are these super insanely awesome prizes we keep going on about?  Glad you asked:

First place wins:







  • Two (2) Neal Brothers Foods canvas tote bags filled to the brim with all sorts of yummy goodies, from their own delicious chips and mayo, to other brands, such as Kicking Horse Coffee, Love Child Organics, and many more!
  • Four (4) free passes to Reptilia Zoo & Education Facility!

Second place wins:

  • Four (4) free passes to Reptilia Zoo & Education Facility!

Please read the full rules below and good luck!  Winners will be announced on Monday, November 14th at 12:00pm!  Huge props to Neal Brothers Foods for always being awesome and for Reptilia for their generosity and for not making me touch any reptiles while picking up the prizes!

Team Benevents

Rachel Brown – Creative Director
Mike Leinwand – Operations Director


Complete contest rules and regulations:

  • All entrants must live in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • All entrants must like our Facebook page to be eligible to win. (The people liking your photo do not, but we love likes!)
  • Submissions must only be posted between October 31st, 2016 – November 10th, 2016 and only in the contest entry post on our Facebook page.  If your entry is not in that post thread, you are not considered entered.
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, November 14th, 2016 at 12:00pm!
  • One (1) submission per family.
  • Photos can be children only, or whomever makes up your family.
  • Photos MUST belong to you and MUST be of your own family members  (If your photos have been stolen from elsewhere, we will immediately ban you from the contest and all future contests).
  • No obscene entries will be allowed and Benevents reserves the right to make this judgement.  We also reserve the right to exclude people based on rude or negative behaviour on our Facebook page against other entrants.
  • You can’t be related to Benevents in any way.
  • If you win and we contact you and you don’t get back to us within 3 business days after being contacted, we reserve the right to give your prize away to the next possible winner.  Winners will be announced on Facebook on November 14th at 12:00pm.
  • In the event of a tie, we will repost the tied pictures and start the process over again for those pictures alone. That way not only will your friends and family be able to like them, but you will possibly get more likes from strangers which could sway the contest in your favour.
  • Prizes are as shown and may not be exchanged for monetary value.
  • Benevents reserves the right to change the rules of the contest at any moment.