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Greetings foolish mortals,

While we are super busy working up the scares for this year’s Halloween event, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of what you can look forward to on October 31st.  While this may be a small haunt, we’ve made sure to pack a lot of panic into Panic on Pendrith!

There will be the usual suspects, like our famous cemetery scene full of skeletons, skeleton pets, the giant eyeball, jumping spider, angel of darkness, and of course handmade tombstones:


And once again, the Trio of Singing Pumpkins will return to regale you with some classic Halloween hits.  However, they like to keep things fresh, so they will be adding a new song to their repertoire.  You’ll have to come by to find out what it is!  They have sworn us to secrecy.  It was even in their contract!

   Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky

However, that is not all!  Unfortunately, Bubbles the Vicious Spider is under the weather and can’t make it, but fear not (or be very afraid) as he is sending tons of his minions to do his bidding in Spider Alley!  And if tons of spiders weaving their web wasn’t enough to make your skin crawl, we will also be introducing this year’s biggest and spookiest fright, Haunted Holograms.  What is that you ask?  Well, what fun would it be if we gave everything away in advance?  Expect to see tons of scary skeletons and spooks in our newest display, as they appear right before your very eyes.  There are plenty more reasons to come panic with us this year, but again, we can’t give everything away.

And in case you’ve forgotten, we will be collecting donations at Panic on Pendrith to benefit SickKids Foundation.  So, please bring whatever change you can spare or donate online by clicking the donate button at the top of this page or in the menu.


Be there and be scared!

Team Benevents

Rachel Brown – Creative Director
Mike Leinwand – Operations Director

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